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Nonbinary_R_Us wrote

Wow some people here are saying that they hate makeup because "superficial" people wear it. WTF.

I am anti-makeup because it's a tool of the patriachy - it's part of a system that makes women feel like their bodies arent already beautiful/proffessional/interesting without altering their apparences. But women are also under a lot of social pressure to wear it in almost every context! There are statistics that conclude that women are substantially more likely to be hired if they wear makeup to job interviews! And for those who enjoy wearing it, and pursue it as a hobby? Fuck yeah, people should do things that make them feel good.

Fuck these people calling people who wear makeup superficial! Like the même says - none of your damn business.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

I'm not into makeup either, but you know what? I've accepted that people aren't identical to me and as such, they have different tastes, experiences, and needs than I do. They also don't exist solely to serve as background characters in my day-to-day life. In short, their makeup or lack thereof, isn't any of my business.