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monkeec wrote

Not sure what this means really since I don't wear makeup, but I can understand how some people who wear makeup are very superficial and materialistic people.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

This is a meme about how it's not anybody's business whether another person wears makeup. It has nothing to do with superficialness.


monkeec wrote

True, it's not anyone elses business but it's obvious that some people that wear makeup are very superficial, not that wearing makeup is superficial per se, but, it correlates with it, especially in western society.


ziq wrote

It's very disappointing reading shit like this here.


emma wrote (edited )



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monkeec wrote

It's not always superficial but you can't deny some people that wear makeup and care about their appearance more than other things, like say, helping other people is fucked up. Also, the fact that women are more likely to get hired at a job if they wear makeup is sooo fucked up. There's nothing wrong with wearing makeup because you like it, but to have to wear it to look good for the male powers that be is so sad.