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Fomqadeer_da_Bomber wrote

They have human bodies

What is really funny (to me at least) is imagining some1 like Richard Spencer wiping his butt after taking a shit... haha xD Like we all do that but when I picture a guy who advocates ethnic cleansing wadding up a piece of TP and reaching back to clean his asshole... fuckin' lol


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I think it might be funny because supremacists of all types are often imagining themselves as godlike, so when we're reminded that they have human bodies with basic human functions it dispels all that.

Reminds me of a cool book I read once, called The Denial of Death.


selver wrote

Same thing with politicians and other sensationalized figures. If you go see them somewhere irl not on a tv, it's like, wait this is it?