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Thereunto wrote

Who do we call inhuman "Nazis"? Anyone we hate

Who guides us to whom to hate? People with simular hatred that we endow our trust in

Hatred is like holding a hot ember with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You are the one being burned.

Look at what it is doing to you.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Yes, it's anyone we hate and their grandmothers. Also we spend a lot of time just feeling hateful about it, it consumes our minds and our lives and also is the reason why pluto is no longer a planet.


Thereunto wrote

Dehumanizing anyone is a potent interpersonal poison. The irony of reducing someone to a label to justify violence against them is that this is exactly what the Nazis did to anyone they didn't like.


timeout wrote

Honestly I'm quite horrified by the rhethoric here, you're absolutely correct.

Invalidating a person and deprive them of the right to live on principle is wrong no matter who is the subject; there's no justification that is not morally defensible.