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Short-sightedness is understood as increasing at 'soaring' rates.

But to my knowledge, it is actually generally understood in the scientific literature to be the result of a lack of exposure to sunlight and the outdoors - (I'm being lazy so here's just one example). Cultures where children are in front of screens all the time or studying indoors all the time are the ones most affected.

So the smug douchebags who tout the story of this meme are just telling a story of their inability (unwillingness) to think more radically about it. As with many cases around ability and health, people are prescribing more civilisation to solve problems caused by civilisation.



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subrosa wrote

had to get rid of their glasses

Yes, so it says in all the anprim books of law and policy. Goofy little shits.


Fool wrote (edited )

It's on page 4, but nobody reads it because page 1 says no books.


roanoke9 wrote

Agree with critique of meme: also, Under civ, both lose (ie become extinct) Without civ, both species could exist. Lol.


ratratratrat wrote

ppl have also improved their sight using different methods, and we also in a non civ world would be with other people who could warn us and protect us. i am nearsighted but can shoot a bow without glasses and hit my target, ppl who can’t see well can do a lot of things that people think we can’t. i don’t wear my glasses anymore and do pretty fine.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

Yeah, the only reason I even need to wear glasses is because text is hard to read from a distance; something that wouldn't even be necessary were it not for road signs and school.

Ignoring the fact that Tigers aren't even native to where I live (many dangerous animals use hunting tactics that the average human can't really deal with; gun or not, you aren't likely to see and survive a crocodile ambushing you from the swamp), being able to see the tiger wouldn't necessarily prevent me from being mauled by one; and I would be able to see one in plain sight like that because they're huge; tigers are also nocturnal ambush predators, so it's not like having glasses is going to help. It's not like the victims of tiger attacks are magically protected by the existence of civilization either; there are quite a few examples of tiger attacks from tigers in captivity (and "god" bless them, too!); if anything, the expansionist nature of civilization increases the likelihood of encroaching on the big cats' (and other lethally dangerous animals') territory.

I, for one, can't find a single anti-civ that purposely (or even accidentally) introduced an invasive species to a given ecosystem, but that tiger that escaped the zoo that started hunting humans because it's literally too injured to kill anything else is kind of everyone's problem now and I don't think prescription eyeglasses are going to stop it, so maybe they shouldn't be so goddamned smug about something that their precious social experiment caused.


ziq wrote

i've recently started to struggle to read road signs and have responded by ignoring them


OdiousOutlaw wrote

I just refuse to drive. We only have the one car in our household and we've had to buy 2 tires within the same week and that's without the additional expenses with tickets and what-not.

I still wear my glasses, but that's more because I hate the idea of wasting the money that I spent to get them than me really needing them; it's not like it's a one-off expense, work health benefits are basically a subscription that you can't really cancel.


ziq wrote

this meme is actually deeply ableist to blind people.