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ziq wrote

People that say "I'm just not political" fucking infuriate me.


DissidentRage wrote

They may not care about politics but politics sure as fuck cares about them.


Dirtbagleftist wrote

Being apolitical is the type of thing that belongs in an authoritarian dictatorship. Not a fucking democracy.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

The people that say this, are generally people who don't have to worry about politics, either out of naivete (they genuinely believe that nothing bad will happen to them) or because they're rich enough that if things go too far south, they can buy their way out of trouble. Money is the ultimate privilege, able of compensating for a great deal of disadvantages. Hence why you have stuff like Catelyn Jenner avidly supporting a political party that sees people like her as, at best, a disease, at worst, an abomination to be cleansed via hellfire.

I'm also thinking of all these discussions with White boy brosocialists as they patronizingly explain about how the movement should be above Identity politics and should focus its efforts on reaching out to working class voters, working class always being code for White Dudes. Apparently women and PoC don't actually work; we get all our money by either cheating welfare or accusing innocent rich dudes of sexual assault.

It's easy for them to ignore Identity politics because again, it doesn't affect them too much in their day-to-day lives. Women and PoC don't have much of a choice in it though; like it or not, we are all drafted into the Identity Politics fight whether we want to or not.