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kinshavo wrote

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I agree that the anarchy is what we are making everyday and it was my personal thought, that's why I bother with prefiguration, everyday revolution. But even then I am honest to say that I can't live anarchy the way I think anarchy should be (for myself), the police still harass us, I still have to sell my labor to buy house food and water.. the thing is, the way I see it, it's not some kind of Nietzschean endeavour to be your own delusional king (I was using schizophrenic, but I don't find how to use it in a non ableist way, I waned to say when you are trapped by intrusive thoughts that in this case is self inflicted by ones staunchly ideology). I may have lots in common with nihilism, but I personally never abandoned the futile struggle, and it's a personal instance. I justify this to myself adhering to insurrectionist thought that isn't overtly nihilist, not sure if it was the conspiracy of fire cells or others but they treated the continuous insurrection as a praxis not a end in itself.

The war metaphor is useful and for many a real one. But again it boils to personal sensibilities, if we don't have hopes for a mass uprising or that even we (the anarchist we™) make a consensual position in society, the question loses importance if each individual ia acting accordingly with their personal beliefs or pontual objectives. Maybe don't matter to have this dogma itched in anarchist collective consciousness. I say collaborate who best align with your goals and make things work but be aware that you can be drawn to other people agendas too.

Sorry if I tergiversate in my comment. I feel dissociated to theory and discourse more and more so this is becoming more philosophical than practical for me at the moment, if I only have the courage/energy I would probably would assemble my own insurrection