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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Reply to comment by subrosa in by !deleted39333

Seems to me you're more interested in stating your own preferences, about who you would welcome into your affinity group or whatever, and in interrogating my hardly existent sympathies for capitalists. You're not giving me much to engage with.

Really? Surprised to hear that.

I agree with you about the meme. I'd prefer if we never saw ancap memes on this site. I see where you were going with adding flavour, and was trying to do the same kind of thing with my own engagement with you. I wonder if I take people too literally, or with two specific a meaning, sometimes.

I'm pretty sure we're mostly in agreement on the relation to archy stuff.


subrosa wrote

Probably. Whether we agree or not, I almost always appreciate your presence and comments on here. But the way you inquired in this thread felt a bit presumptive, almost as though you were baiting me into a gotcha moment.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

I see. I'm rarely doing that. If I bother to engage people it's usually because I'm interested in the possibility of changing my mind, together with an opportunity to articulate myself in engagement with people who can meaningfully engaged. I also appreciate your comments and participation here.