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subrosa wrote

How are they still bickering about Foucault.


ziq wrote

Lol @ the people confusing themselves for anarchists but trying to force the library to govern and gatekeep anarchist lit.


GoddamnedVoodooMagic wrote

Lmao, people are still freakin out about ITS and Atassa

Same cancel-culture obsessed weirdos would never dare touch Proudhon, Marx, or Bakunin, so they gotta go for easier targets (and paint ITS as somethin they literally are not)


tprk wrote

anarchist library and little black cart were instrumental in normalizing ITS?



Archaplain wrote

whats the ITS?


marigold wrote

Individualists Tending Toward Savagery

A misanthropic eco-extremist group from originating in Mexico that practices indiscriminate attack (n the name of wild nature). Initially inspired by Ted K and born out of the anarchist mileu they turned their backs on anarchism in favor of straight-up murdering random humans.

Their edgy rantings give gross edgelord, controversy boners to the Anews, LBC, and Anarchist Library collective.

They were largely mythologised by a wanker friend of LBC (Abe Cabrera) who translated their communiques and used their activities to write edgy books, make threats, and make money.


tprk wrote

individualists tending to the wild


monday wrote

Wow, my comment was considerate "hate mail" ?!?

Actually is was a reasonable comment addressed to anyone or anything that wants to invest any figure in anarchist circle with authority to say what anarchy should be or which topics are verboten.

It's nice to see that was take out of context where I commented my concern about a witch hunt. I feel beautiful to rub salt on the @librwry hurt ass anyway, kinda proves my point


fortmis wrote



marigold wrote (edited )

It is sad that the OP doesn't realize how smug and tone deaf their little collage is. It is akin to people like Elon Musk when they make it clear they own and run Twitter.