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Submitted by sudo in memer

Image transcript: The first panel shows an infographic which says, "If you are found operating a vehicle without insurance coverage in PA, or during a lapse in coverage, you could have your license suspended for three months, your vehicle impounded, and face a $300 fine. You must also pay a $50 restoration fee to restore your registration and drivers license." Below that, it shows the main character from They Live putting on sunglasses. Below that, it shows an edited version of the original infographic, which now says, "Do business with one of these companies, or we will rob you."


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GrimWillow wrote

I like that you put the effort in to extending the accessability of this image. I don't do it enough myself, but it would be nice ability wise if such a thing were a regular occurance.

I can't stand all the constraints, regulation, and tracking that owning and operating a vehicle entail. Unfortunately, I think it's quite the required investment for almost everyone.