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lettuceLeafer wrote

I actually love this comic. I love doing random hyper fixations for awhile. Some of them genuinely stick. Though in fairness I'm a lot better but this is similar to a dialogue I have sometimes. On if something is efficient or effective or shame about getting bored with something I told everyone I thought was great. But overall I think this is a great message.

There is the classic false bianary of jack of all trades master of none or master of one. And I think being free to try lots of stuff is key to true mastery of something. Everyone has to do lots of stuff, I'm sure even joe biden needs to know how to wipe his butt. Doctors who can't communicate well, or understand the regular life of patients or maintain their finances will be bad doctors. Plus if you are excited and motivated about a topic even for a little you will carry on some of that knowlege in the future. While at least for me and from people I talk to most people trying to force doing one or a few things isn't very effective. Trying to do the whole master of one is just procrastination. So I'm actually pretty happy with how just doing whatever the fuck I want works out.

I'm really working on and enjoying trying to have a wui wei mindset and do the real like equivilent of zanatos speed chess against neoliberalism and society. Still have a long way to go but what I have been learning is actually really nice. Okay what I"m trying to say is yeah go have fun and do what you want it actually works out pretty nice.

Though I think this position would be very different if I was more financially precarious. And I still have the idea of "stop doing that, you need to work more, or do a profitable skill or more pragmatic thing go through my head." Which as will many things you should kill that piece of shit cop in your head.