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PainlessEphemera wrote

Looks like he’s living up to his user name of “NotSoGreat!”

...I’ll show myself out now


marx wrote (edited )

Anything to the right of anarcho-socialism/communism/syndicalism/[insert workers owning the means of productions here] is just fascism with cute makeup on. Bash the fash and slap ancaps.


sudo wrote

Capitalism and fascism aren't literally the same thing. We sarcastically say they are in memes, but you're not supposed to take those literally.


marx wrote

Literally? No. Too damn close for comfort? Yes.


satriale wrote

Hahahah, from anarchist to fascist in less than a year. What the hell?


ziq wrote

Well they were never an anarchist. Ancaps are feudalists.


DissidentRage wrote

They interpret the position "no hierarchy, no state, no laws" as "do whatever you want, being a dick is cool" because their perception of anarchism consists of social pariahs going to punk concerts with patched leather jackets and getting into brawls in the alley after the show.