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MarxistKropotkinistVaush wrote

Reply to comment by monday in Lifestylists by monday

But you're not a native people, you're a white colonist who joined the natives because you didn't want to work...


monday OP wrote

Are sharing your food or not?

I think you are racist


MarxistKropotkinistVaush wrote

I don't share anything with people who refuse to work.

I'm not racist, I literally date black women.


mima wrote

"I'm not homophobic, I have gay friends"


monday OP wrote

I'm not racist, I literally date black women

Lol, how long until you play this fallacious whitey argument

people who refuse to work

We refuse to work for your Civilization, but do you think we spend the day smokin and taking drugs having sex and eating fruit from the tree? (Well we might do that too , but it's besides my point)