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moonlune wrote (edited )

soderbergh under gilliam?!

I checked out a random deep name and parajanov's work is wild. I see where Tarsem Singh got his aesthetics for "the fall" and "the cell".

courant doesn't even have a wikipedia page lol


__0 wrote

Just thinking of soderbergh's schizopolis, definitely an intentionally alienating, very weird film. Absolutely wild that they also did Magic Mike 🙃


gone_to_croatan OP wrote

I thought I had posted this before but I can't remember where .

I guess this was controversial enough in the original reddit post as they released an updated version (I think this one have some additions and movements. Some choice seems totally arbitrary and some names forgotten (woody and steina Vasulka).

Maybe Soderbergh is deeper than Gilliam bc of his early movies. Brakhage'sThe Way to Shadow Garden is not so obscure or unpalatable imo.

At the top there's a note saying that this don't demonstrate if a work is good/bad or intelectual, just the "digestibility" of the work