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kin OP wrote

Isn't stealing cheese bad enough?


zoom_zip wrote

slaughtered animals aren’t food


lettuceLeafer wrote

I literally went "hah this again? Enhance" then zoomed in on the meat to make sure it's wasn't some liberal immitation of meat

I'm doing the handshake meme

Conservatives /~\ Lettuceleafer

Thinking it's liberal and a bad think to eat beyond meat


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

Kinshavo for Memer of the Year, plz.

Using meat was kinda awckward, tho. Can u change it to kale or something? Thks


ikk wrote

thanks, it's lovely, but broccoli usually isn't unpackaged in the freezer.

that carnist meme is not "urban foraging" but "organ harvesting". you can't forage someone else.