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stckyfngr OP wrote

Reply to comment by lettuceLeafer in by stckyfngr

Ya know, I looked at that meme harder and realized it was ecofascist. Flew right over my head before


lettuceLeafer wrote

Wait, I actually wasn't going that angle. I was just talking sabotage general. I didn't notice anything from a oppressive point of view. Tho it very well could have been I wasn't paying that great of attention.

Tho another example of u being a chill person that u take stuff down if u think it might be bad. Tho I was just clarifying that I wasn't saying u were spreading oppressive memes or whatever.


kinshavo wrote

I saw the meme before you deleted and it wasn't so explicitly ecofash.. I have posted edgy stuff before, I usually avoid potential problematic stuff and I guess many people are afraid or in doubt to call out.

My point is, many meme act like propaganda for us and we don't took it literally many times (eat the rich was never about cannibalism of affluent folks, it is about a class war resistance like the no war, but class war that right now was disrobed by the confusion of "anarchists" trying to pose a neutral thirdposition in the Ukraine invasion.)