Submitted by lettuceLeafer in memer

All cops are bastards?

Sheesh, seems weird to use insults insinuating that being born to unmarried parents is a bad thing. Pretty against my values.

Fuck the police?

I don't like to insinuation that being "fucked" is bad. Seems rooted in toxic masculinity and mysogyny.

The police suck?

Now we are into something. It's not quite as good as the police are meanies tho.



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RadicalConstructivist wrote

is "suck" not the same as "fucked" in that respect?


lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

Nah it's a reference to playing brass instruments. I.e. the music is so bad that u must be sucking on the mouth piece rather than blowing on it.

That's how I thought of it. Plus that's prob why it usually doesn't have a sexual connotation in most people's mind.

Edit: There prob are quite a few people who find suck does related to the sexual act and use it as an insult in that way. Though I personally would put it in a different category as the word is far less tied in that way culturally and is arguable if it even came from that origin. plus a notable percentage who use it in that way that wouldn't be problematic.

Though its worth bringing up as its quite possible it could be harmful if people who read it do tie using suck as an insult as insinuating that sucking dick is inherently bad. But I would classify it as a far more arguable non problematic use than fucked.