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metocin wrote

easter chocolates have dairy

sorry bunny Im gonna have to call the vegan police

this is really funny though


Jordan1 wrote

it's dairy free chocolate, Dark chocolate is better anyway


friendly_raddler wrote

nice, imma stay chillin wit halloween outside the political compass


cyberrose wrote

Lol, people know "Krampus"? He basically belongs to Nikolaus (some kind of Santa Claus) and punishes the naughty children. (Also hes not really [just] german) But yes we like to scare the shit out of our children; this seems like a sane way of dealing with people.


annikastheory wrote

Wasn't there a horror movie about Krampus a little bit ago that was semi-popular? I don't really watch horror so maybe that's in my head.


cyberrose wrote

Me neither but that would explain the meme. I really thought even a lot of people here do not know Krampus when they do not have any connection to the region where its celebrated (southern southern germany & austria mainly). But in other parts there is also some equivalent called Knecht Ruprecht; he has a bat and a sack to put naughty children in and hit them. Oh yes Christianity (mixed with pagan) traditions are so charming.

But they also fade away in the recent years.


annikastheory wrote

I looked up the wikipedia on Knecht Ruprecht for fun/out of curiosity.

Sometimes he rides on a white horse, and sometimes he is accompanied by fairies or men with blackened faces dressed as old women

According to tradition, Knecht Ruprecht asks children whether they can pray. If they can, they receive apples, nuts and gingerbread. If they cannot, he hits the children with his bag of ashes ... He is also reported to give naughty children a switch (stick) in their shoes for their parents to hit them with, instead of sweets, fruit and nuts, in the German tradition.

What a snitch.

Austrian children grow up believing the worst offenders are whipped with birch switches, and sometimes stuffed in a hessian sack and thrown into an icy river for their bad deeds

Yeah that is messed up.

Definitely some psychological, and probably physical, abuse has been done using this character.

In the German version of The Simpsons television show, the family dog is named Knecht Ruprecht rather than Santa's Little Helper


cyberrose wrote

Definitely some psychological, and probably physical, abuse has been done using this character.

The thing is these traditions come from times where there was no such thing as an individual. Such stuff has a purpose and this is to form the thinking of children in a way to obey order and knowing the place in an hierarchical system. For sure psychological abuse happened (quite often since this figure scared the shit out of a lot of children) and for sure also physical abuse (but at least I haven't seen such; think this happens more often with the Krampus).