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friendly_raddler OP wrote (edited )

Someone make the index, the contents and the references.

Here's a potential index to get things going:


Introduction: Solidarity, not pity fucks

How to organize a cuddle puddle

Using dating apps to distribute dumpstered food

FuckSec: Sex Ed basics + Infosec of cybersex

Polycule Spreadsheet Templates

Relationship Anarchy 101


throwaway wrote (edited )

I'll improvise an introduction:

The landscape is shifting. In a sudden flash of revitalized consciousness, people are, as if by the soft, secret touch of singular synchronicity, moving away from ideology and towards life. The pillars of the old world: politicians; stable bank accounts; hipster coffee shops and an unstained white Mercedes; are being abandoned just as quickly as they were raised and adopted. It will not be long before they, too, are nothing more than yet another layer of sand in the endless desert that is the urban environment.

In search of something truer than what the products of state and capital had to offer, the latest mutation of the human consciousness turns to immediate experience: the one thing that cannot be appropriated by the controllers; cannot be made into a product, mined or called "mine"; the cause and effect of being a thinking, self-conscious creature on this planet.

The experience of the immediate can be found all around us: in the old beech, the whirling whind and the swirling river. However, none are more direct, more passionate and more enjoyable than the primary study of this zine: really cool orgasms.

Sadly, this too has, through cultural engineering of various sorts, been modified, shaped and whittled by the controllers, in their desperate attempt to rob humanity of all that is authentic and lively. Dear reader and friend; do not let them put their hands on your experience! Reclaim your reality, one orgasm at a time! Love your lover as intensely as you fuck your lover! Cum upon the collective mind, and see it revitalised!

In solidarity with all sexy meat of this world, this is Mutual Laid: A Factor of Evolution.


emoticons wrote

Thats a great zine, I am finished half of read the pages! it has alot details with the comedy, The zine speaks to me -- and when is podcast Immediatism will speak it?? :)


existential1 wrote

How do two people fuck but only one get laid?