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ziq OP wrote (edited )

i've always been way more interested in getting behind the underdog personally, and even though they were usually second or third or finally fourth place, the games were always far more creative, fun and risk-taking than anything on the rival consoles

even ignoring the quality of the games, technologically, saturn was far superior to playstation as a 2D machine, and as a 3d machine if the programmer knew what they were doing (so only SEGA's internal teams)

Dreamcast had online play before anyone and the only reason ps2 destroyed it was because everyone wanted a cheap dvd player. ps2 didn't have a single good game for more than a year after its release, while dreamcast had the single best launch line up of any console in history.

master system was way more powerful than nes but as someone who had both nes and sms, the games on nes appealed to kids a lot more, while sms was filled with arcade ports. wouldn't have been fun having an sms in north america though since they pulled support for it early and a lot of the later games weren't released. in a lot of the world, the sms was the market leader.

mega drive imo was a technologically superior console to the snes even though it was released years earlier. every snes game plays slow as shit, which is why all the great shmups and run n guns are on mega drive while snes just has a bunch of slow ass rpgs and platformers


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

I see where you're from, and agree that when the Genesis came out I was stunned by how advanced the graphics and gameplay were. SNES was basically its first competitor, and most of NES's fame was overrated. The NES console itself also looked like childish shit where the Genesis looked like it's from Star Wars or something.

Regardless! Both platforms, as well as the Atari, conspired in me not getting laid in my early teens... :-/