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annikastheory wrote (edited )

My favorite comment.

fascism is not tolerated here.

Isn't this basically a fascist dogwhistle at this point? Any sensible fascist will seek to brand their garbage as anything but in order to try and dupe enough people into going down the rabbit hole.

And then the comment below

it's also the 4th rule on this sub tbf

2nd favorite

Lmao anarchy without democracy? These people are loons


ziq wrote (edited )

I most enjoy the comments insisting consensus is bad and majoritarianism is necessary to build wells / 'run a country' showing once again that anarcho-democrats are just liberals.


ziq wrote

it also betrays how clueless these people are about wells. you can't just make a well wherever (town square). you dig/drill it where the water is.


Erinna_Io wrote (edited )

I got once booted out of some "anarchist" subreddit. They are mostly commies who call themselves anarchist because they don't like the same aesthetics as tankies.


ziq wrote

Big chance this is ancoms trying to associate anti-majoritarianism (democracy) with ancaps.


GlangSnorrisson wrote

Bold assumption, I’d guess it’s clueless leftists flailing more than anything.