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Kinshavo wrote

Raddle Frogge well represented in his chaotic monocycle


Ashy wrote

frogs are great

we need a frog forum xp


TonyTheAnarchist wrote

I'm afraid this is a bit of a straw man, friend.

Violent suppression of strikes:

The reasoning for this is that in a worker-run workplace, strikes only hurt the workers as they are orchestrated by imperial powers who infiltrate, divide and conquer. There are much more effective avenues for workers who have minority views to air their grievances than by undemocratically shutting down production. They can speak their mind at the regularly scheduled union meetings and if they have popular support, their proposal would be implemented. If they don't have popular support, then they're free to choose a different workplace. A minority striking to force their unpopular views on the rest of the workers wouldn't serve any good.

Drug probition:

I'm actually straight edge so I'm not sure why this is a negative?

Compulsory labor:

This is the most reductive claim of all. MLs aren't going to force people to work against their will, that would be slavery, which no communist supports. If someone won't or can't work, they'll be provided for by their comrades because in a post-scarcity economy, there's always enough to go around. Socialist states have the biggest welfare benefits by far.


Kinshavo wrote

But they are Communists Tony, for god's sake!

In the future revolution they will be below us, Anarchists™, the revolutionary organization is clear in this point. And they had their shot at 1917 and they screwed everything.

Every Communist in the future will need assistance from an Anarchist tutor. Left Unity means we are equals but some are more equals than others..


TonyTheAnarchist wrote

You're all turned around, this isn't how anarchism works. Our hierarchy is flat, which is to say horizontal. There is no one below us on an anarchist hierarchy, only side by side with us.

I know it can be hard to grasp an anarchist organizational structure if you've never thought in these terms before. Here's a chart of a typical horizontal hierarchy:

If you look at this chart and envision how it could be implemented in an anarchist society, you should gain a better understanding of how anarchism works.


ziq wrote

how is that 'flat'? the manager is literally above the employees


Kinshavo wrote

The manager is the Anarchist tutor, the communists and the socialists are down there.. it's exactly how I told Tony


TonyTheAnarchist wrote

Lol no... The manager is equal to the other workers. The manager is on a different table entirely. Look at the little (no entry) sign between each organizational division - it signals that the manager has oversight over the employees (because we will still need people to manage / coordinate duties in an anarchist society), but not hierarchy. The manager is their equal, not their superior.