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ziq wrote

my mother called me a sheep today because she said she saw video on facebook of a gov official saying half of covid vaccines are placebos and i said that's bullshit


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Not much more frustrating than someone you kinda have to care about being such a huge bootlicker that they think you're the bootlicker. Drives me up the fucking wall.

In my case vaccines were the last straw on the camel's back with some of my family members.


ziq wrote

she linked me to the video and all it is some politician mentioning the use of placebos during the vaccine trials, which is completely normal for any new drug and the people participating in the trials fully consent to the possibility of them receiving a placebo. facebook-brain-rot is really something else


Ashy wrote

i never got facebook lol

it's weird cause the stereotype is it's like social media for people who don't understand social media, but i look at it and have no idea what's going on

also every time i've had an account it's been hacked in a matter of months and turned into a dating scam account. not fun.


IForgotToSayGoodbye wrote

Facebook was good for old people since it gave no customisation, and was just easy to talk to people... then Facebook refocused on profit... and suddenly it's users became something to sell... and it started focusing "engagement" and now it's basically useless for its old usage.

Well I think... I haven't touched it in about 10 years... heck Raddle's the most engaged with social media I've ever been.

I think any platform will degenerate due to manipulation once it grows above a certain size. If not due to capitalism, then some sort of authority will use it for manipulation or surveillance.


ziq wrote

i know i'm waiting for this site to hit big and fill with people so i can harvest their souls