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celebratedrecluse wrote

they cannot defend against it, but they can certainly destroy the lives of you and your group of friends who almost definitely disregarded opsec when it seemed unimportant and broadcast their subversive nature to the state surveillance apparatus.

That's what the police do. They don't stop murders, at best they can punish those who kill outside the state's cloak of legitimacy. And so on for most crimes. The clearance rate in most places for most major crimes is low. Usually, the police only are able to solve a criminal mystery if the people involved tell them what happened. They are not the most scientific of mindsets, but they do know a lot about how to manipulate and control and abuse people to get the "truth". And in this case, the truth is that they will know you did something, but the particulars will elude them. At any rate, if you are known to the police and something happens of sufficient magnitude which they believe to be done by you, they will raid your house, they will get you fired from your job, they will drain your savings (if any) with bail/bond, they will presume you guilty before innocent regardless of what a court says about it, and you will have a traumatic experience that last months or years, where you are pitted with suspicion against close friends.

So yeah, they can't defend their infrastructure. Even with surveillance, there's just too much information about threats to the system to integrate, it's utterly impossible for them to really keep track of all of it. However, they will make assumptions and generalizations about types of people, they will record individuals of note or those who are expressive in the public sphere (online or not), and they will remember you, and they will raid your house vindictively if you are careless and draw attention to yourself because that is what they are. They are predators who will hunt you down in your own home, because that is their job.

perhaps I'm just looking too far into the meme. On the other hand, fighting a guerilla war is no joking matter-- except of course, when it is parody/satire/irony/joke. Like right now !