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nulloperation wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by Ashy in advertising by Mirio

you can install a linux distro alongside android

If you want to skip the "alongside" part then check out postmarketOS. It's based on Alpine, which is a fabulous distro.


Ashy wrote

that looks really cool actually! i've been really wanting to run Linux on my phone lately, because Samsung's Android version is REALLY slow and bloated. I hate using the term bloat cause it's overused, but it's like actually super bloated lol

Is there any way to test it out in a VM or something first?


mofongo wrote

A bit of a warning, most linux phone os are not ready for daily use. So if you need your phone to make calls and text, it might not be for you. If you want to test it live, it's better to use a secondary phone.


nulloperation wrote

It's just Alpine Linux where you can use either Phosh, Plasma Mobile or Sxmo for interface. So you could just install Alpine in a VM, I think?