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WTB_Nukes_130e wrote (edited )

Leader's opinions trickle down to the public, unlike power/money. It's important to understand a person's bias because most leaders have a lot of money due to capitalism. It makes sense that they would support the means to their success and many people don't like to look at the negative effects/consequences of their decisions. If one bias is pushed too strongly, it can lead to extremism, division, and ultimately destruction. We've seen this with KKK, religion, Nazi Germany, slavery, etc and the Founding Fathers of America were very adamant against this. They tried creating a system where bias would be removed through democracy and today, we see rigged elections, gerrymandering, pre-chosen candidates, all too destroy our democracy to push their bias.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Hate to break it to ya, but "the Founding Fathers of America" were fuckheads that wanted to look out for the merchant class and institute a class system where they have the power to be on top, rather than the monarchy. No "freedom" was ever planned for anyone but them and their rich buddies. Washington was an asshole that went around US killing any army rising up. They even owned slaves. I bet you think Lincoln cared about slaves too...

This is a website with many Anarchists, we are opposed to all forms of states due to their hierchical design, including the united snakes. The system didn't become corrupt, it was always corrupt, even if it wasn't as advanced as it is today.

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