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emma wrote

/u/TheOmegaDirective please come back, i need you to explain how this is "the most leftist platform in American history"


ziq OP wrote

he's also let the republicans whittle down those stimulus checks Biden promised he'd send to every American if they voted blue, when he has 0 reason to capitulate to the repubs demands since his party has a majority in both houses.

but somehow he doesn't see the need to negotiate with the other party when he decides to spend billions on the war machine.


CaptainACAB wrote

emma, please, he just got into office. It's very rude to the liberals when you point out that their only solution to problems doesn't work.

You can talk about your grievances about him once the new president smell wears off and-oh, look, the next election is coming up; don't criticize Biden, we need him to win!


GlangSnorrisson wrote

No no filthy anarkiddie, by not being even worse than his predecessor (that we know of) he’s actually doing harm reduction you see. Don’t question anything.


kinshavo wrote

I think most of the Leftists who supported Biden candidacy didnt had any previous exposure to USA politics enough to see the big picture..

Even Bernie is not so leftist, compared to countries you have a clear divide between left and right.

/u/TheOmegaDirective propably will grow old enough to vote at emperor Barron at 2050 or 30 Y.o.P (year of the plague)


ziq OP wrote

Go Joe-oh! Go Joe-Oh! To normal! To normal!


celebratedrecluse wrote

it's the most progressive candidate in USA history, for people who already have substantial privilege. For example, POC with legal resident status, or white trans people, etc.

But the people at the bottom, like recent immigrants, or most working class people who need the stimulus checks? Nah, they're fucked.