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celebratedrecluse wrote

Debate appeals to a disembodied public, which reinforces notions of compromise and neutrality which reify the political and politic's center.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

Also, It sets people against each other instead of looking for an answer together.


masque wrote (edited )

Debate as a performance where the goal is to "beat" your opponent is not great, but I think good faith argument can be an important part of clarifying your ideas and beliefs. Raddle is pretty good for this, but I feel like some leftist spaces are pretty quick to assume bad faith whenever someone tries to argue against a widely-held belief.

I tried going to a gender therapist, hoping that they could maybe resolve my problem of "I have no idea what gender is, for myself or in general" by arguing for whatever their professional understanding of gender is, but they were frustratingly non-argumentative and basically just nodded along with everything I said, so I gave up after a few sessions.


Daileon wrote

That's why I said once here that debates are like sparring, and someone replied that they are more like mock wrestling, what I later found to be a superior view than my own.