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Lmao you're an outright dishonest liar.

First comment I conclude with this

I don't dispute the atrocities that went on in various communist states. What I do dispute is the propagandised angle the capitalist nations take on them while neglecting to mention the constant war like state they were in due to capitalist nations attacking them repeatedly.

Second comment I say this

I don't celebrate the ussr. But I've nothing but contempt for the people who shit on it while ignoring or trivialising its achievements. Trying to build socialism in the face of the horrors of 1910s-1950s with what reality has given you and not by the standards of 21st century first worlders dreams.

third comment here

I don't like to say it cos Stalin was an evil ruthless shite but rather Stalin and his police state than an extermination of the slavs and unchecked nazi expansion

So where's the gulag apologia? Oh wait there is none.

I acknowledge the atrocities of the various really existing communist states however I take issue with the propagandised angle the capitalist countries have used to say there is no alternative.

That said and done with - go fuck yourself you lying, gaslighting arsehole.


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