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closed wrote (edited by a moderator )

Is this meme produced by you or the Nazis? I have to guess it's one of theirs.

It's great that you're both promoting the same thing, you should get together and do a deal on poster printing or something.


DissidentRage wrote

"So much for the tolerant left" was originally an unironic utterance of alt-right/alt-light types because of the misapplication of logic that the tolerance we leftists have should be all-encompassing, including the tolerance of bigotry. It also veneers over the obvious that they are bigots by using tolerance as a snarl, which is an extra layer they probably didn't intend to apply to this meme.

So we co-opted this meme to reassert that, yes, our tolerance has limits - being a bigoted piece of shit is outside those limits.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

All of the people (except Spencer, who is famous for it) are clearly identified as being Nazis/fascists in the pic.

I see it as more a position on the paradox of tolerance and a confident acceptance of a specific approach.

Certainly, I don't tolerate nazis.