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celebratedrecluse wrote

Lol talking about antiwork during a pandemic makes you Western Imperialist lmfao


lautreamont wrote

China running Tiktok makes all this go full circle, I guess?


polpotisevil2 wrote

"from a place of leisure"

They say, using tiktok, and sitting and reading inside a nice house

"someone, somewhere is going to have to mine precious metals"

Meaning not the white collar communists who dominate communist discourse

They wonder why they have a hard time winning over blue collar workers, I can tell you why.


ziq wrote

fucking disgusting


libre_dev wrote

Does it occur to these people that maybe a post-scarcity society will never arrive? It's as if they think there's some limit to human desire.

I find it strange that people who have supposedly read Marx still do commodity fetishism, with "progress" toward some mythical future where we are liberated from work, instead of just being satisfied with what we have.