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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Thanks for the references, I haven't read them, but they look interesting.

I'll only be mad if you never read them but keep saying that you're "unconvinced by the arguments" without understanding that non-violence is exactly what they want us to react to their violence with.

Is physical violence a strategy they are officially adopting, as you have? That would be news to me.

I got some news for ya then, they are the ones being violent first. There is a long history of white supremacist misogynist violence taking place on this continent, there is nothing new about their debate for the legitimacy of this violence that continues to this day. If white supremacy or fascism was just them debating and never resulted in violence, Antifa would be more of an organization to make fun of them gently from the sidelines. This is not the case though. Everything from the ignored indiginous holocausts on Turtle Island (that was an inspiration to hitler's holocaust) to the perpetual violence of groups like the kkk.

Having 'violent Antifa thugs' to look down on, and pictures of bleeding comrades helps with their recruiting and solidarity.

Fascism has long been a tool for capitalism, and Anarchists will never be shown in a positive light by capitalists, with secret vicious programs that favor right-wing groups. We can't waste our time trying to win a PR war completely stacked against us and when the facilitators of our message mock and distill our messages into shit no matter what we try to say. For people just looking at the violence happening against the bigoted organizers, and not at the violence they already represent is revolting and naive.

The U.S. is not a safe place for LGBT people, black people, or women.

Here's an example to show you what I mean. Lets say you have two groups, I'll call them Group A and Group B. Group A targets Group B, and considers B to be inferior and must be the slave of A, and does everything from killing, raping, and enslaving people from B for a long long time (to put it lightly). Then people saying that Group A is glorious for all that shit, and many even say they are proudly part of Group A, start parading around together to take over the public space, they get attacked by defenders of Group B. Group A films it and cries that they got attacked for no reason!. Then comes you saying "Yo! Group B! You're making yourselves look bad attacking them for no reason like that!"

No. The violence stops now, by any means necessary there needs to be a cease fire, or people are going to hit back.

*edit: forgot to finish a sentence.