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ycymroflin wrote

Reply to comment by closed in Antifa is the real fa by theblackcat

As in you don't consider it a good reason to use violence, or you don't think that's the reason that violence is used?

Far as I can tell, the only thing that has ever prevented fascists from taking power has been an immediate show of "We will not stand for this in our country", using violence if necessary. While violence is never a good answer, sometimes it's the least bad one.

Of course, if your opinion is the second one, well, honestly, I don't think there's anything I could say that would convince you.


closed wrote (edited by a moderator )

I think resorting to violence only strengthens them, and discredits others who oppose what they're saying.

If we're really incapable of countering their words/ideas nonviolently, I fear they've already won.


ycymroflin wrote

However, not only do they have no intention of debating in good faith, attempting to do so legitimises them by implying that it is a perfectly valid standpoint to have. Frankly, as much as I detest violence, I do not believe there is an entirely non-violent solution to this problem. They cannot be allowed to organise - and make no mistake; that's what they're doing with their demonstrations and their presentations. They're recruiting.