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moon_princess wrote

She only ran for president once.

Also, there have been a handful of women candidates who ran for president and did not win two times before Hilary; Jill Stein, Isabell Masters, Lenora Fulani, Belva Ann Lockwood.


GrimWillow wrote

Having a woman be the puppet representative of a white supremecist patriarchical capitalist globalized techno fascist regime will make US as much more "feminist" as a black president would make it less racist.

Fuck any and all presidents. I will never demand a "lesser evil" because I have one life to live, and I want my demands to be true to my heart while I'm here. Plus, Obama was more right wing than Reagan. Capitalist "Leftists" are just another group of right wingers, more extreme than right wingers of the past even. Even Bernie is fucked in the head (don't ask me which I would prefer if I HAD to choose, they are all devils).


PainlessEphemera wrote

Please, don’t post Hilary’s picture, even if it is ironic as you might argue. We don’t need to have right wingers rant about how we leftists all secretly support Hilary Clinton.