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formati wrote

always foster unity...dont complicate issue


CATV_Anon wrote

As a Christian person of color who has been to Syria many times before and after this war, I have to agree with Trump on banning people who actively want to kill Americans. Prior to the bipartition agreement to invalid Iraq (a sovereign nation) who never brought arms ageist the US. We were once thought of as heroes in the eye of people globaly including Iraq and Syria . After most Americans supported what has been a never ending 17 year 12 trillion dollar war that has spread to 7 countries and killed well over a million Muslim people, they want Zionist Americans dead. They correctly see the American military as an extension of the Rothschild power to force banking control, appropriation of resources and political enslavement on their people. Which evidence has most likely proven is the purpose of this war. As we stand today on the eve of yet another attack on Syria, with no vetted evidence to support an invasion I ask again why you support killing more innocent Muslims? This is what you support This is why Muslims what to kill you. This is why we shouldn't accept peoples from countries that we are actively bombing and killing their sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and childern. So yes I support Trump on this point and only this point. If you want to truly make a difference get the pussy hats to protest war instead of supporting prostitution (backpage). Stop electing people who support this. Stop you inaction and protest. Everyone politicization who voted yes is an enemy of mankind;

Alabama Jeff Sessions (R): Yes Richard Shelby (R): Yes Alaska Frank Murkowski (R): Yes Ted Stevens (R): Yes Arizona Jon Kyl (R): Yes John McCain (R): Yes Arkansas Tim Hutchinson (R): Yes Blanche Lincoln (D): Yes California Barbara Boxer (D): No Dianne Feinstein (D): Yes Colorado Wayne Allard (R): Yes Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R): Yes Connecticut Christopher Dodd (D): Yes Joseph Lieberman (D): Yes Delaware Joseph Biden (D): Yes Thomas Carper (D): Yes Florida Bob Graham (D): No Bill Nelson (D): Yes Georgia Max Cleland (D): Yes Zell Miller (D): Yes Hawaii Daniel Akaka (D): No Daniel Inouye (D): No Idaho Larry Craig (R): Yes Mike Crapo (R): Yes Illinois Richard Durbin (D): No Peter Fitzgerald (R): Yes Indiana Evan Bayh (D): Yes Richard Lugar (R): Yes Iowa Charles Grassley (R): Yes Tom Harkin (D): Yes Kansas Sam Brownback (R): Yes Pat Roberts (R): Yes Kentucky Jim Bunning (R): Yes Mitch McConnell (R): Yes Louisiana John Breaux (D): Yes Mary Landrieu (D): Yes Maine Susan Collins (R): Yes Olympia Snowe (R): Yes Maryland Barbara Mikulski (D): No Paul Sarbanes (D): No Massachusetts Edward Kennedy (D): No John Kerry (D): Yes Michigan Debbie Stabenow (D): No Carl Levin (D): No Minnesota Mark Dayton (D): No Paul Wellstone (D): No Mississippi Thad Cochran (R): Yes Trent Lott (R): Yes Missouri Jean Carnahan (D): Yes Christopher (Kit) Bond (R): Yes Montana Max Baucus (D): Yes Conrad Burns (R): Yes Nebraska Chuck Hagel (R): Yes Ben Nelson (D): Yes Nevada John Ensign (R): Yes Harry Reid (D): Yes New Hampshire Judd Gregg (R): Yes Bob Smith (R): Yes New Jersey Jon Corzine (D): No Robert Torricelli (D): Yes New Mexico Jeff Bingaman (D): No Pete Domenici (R): Yes New York Hillary Clinton (D): Yes Charles Schumer (D): Yes North Carolina John Edwards (D): Yes Jesse Helms (R): Yes North Dakota Kent Conrad (D): No Byron Dorgan (D): Yes Ohio Mike DeWine (R): Yes George Voinovich (R): Yes Oklahoma James Inhofe (R): Yes Don Nickles (R): Yes Oregon Gordon Smith (R): Yes Ron Wyden (D): No Pennsylvania Rick Santorum (R): Yes Arlen Specter (R): Yes Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee (R): No Jack Reed (D): No South Carolina Ernest "Fritz" Hollings (D): Yes Strom Thurmond (R): Yes South Dakota Thomas Daschle (D): Yes Tim Johnson (D): Yes Tennessee Bill Frist (R): Yes Fred Thompson (R): Yes Texas Phil Gramm (R): Yes Kay Bailey Hutchison (R): Yes Utah Robert Bennett (R): Yes Orrin Hatch (R): Yes Vermont James Jeffords (I): No Patrick Leahy (D): No Virginia George Allen (R): Yes John Warner (R): Yes Washington Maria Cantwell (D): Yes Patty Murray (D): No West Virginia Robert Byrd (D): No Jay Rockefeller (D): Yes Wisconsin Russell Feingold (D): No Herb Kohl (D): Yes Wyoming Mike Enzi (R): Yes Craig Thomas (R): Yes


a_s_123 wrote

What about Christian terrorists how are we going to ban them? Wisconsin Sikh Temple Massacre, Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church shooting, The Centennial Olympic Park bombing, Planned Parenthood bombing, Suicide attack on IRS building, and the Oklahoma City bombing just to name a few. This was only in the US not to mention. As the "Christian" that you claim to be, are good Christians supposed to do this? NO! So, can we classify all Christians as murdering terrorists just because of some radicalists? This is exactly what Trump and his supporters are doing to people from Muslim countries. Clearly, a ban will not do anything to stop terrorists, there are many other ways they can leave, such as entering a European country and travelling from there. This ban ends up hurting our country and honest people who want to improve their lifestyle.