Its Meetup day at the Anarchyplanet IRC!(Every friday starting 6AM EST)

Submitted by plast in meetup (edited )

If you ever wanted to migrate from theory reader to acting anarchist this is the day for you. Join us in out '#meetup' channel to talk, make new friends and wonder if the coming trials that collapse is bringing will be either the death of us or our liberation see what projects in our neck of the digital woods you'd be interested in. You could even make your own! Everything from online collabs to the more ambitious IRL meetup is a possibility.

Connect your irc client to '' on the '#meetup' channel! Here's a quick guide to using irc! If you have any issues with irc that duckduckgo cant solve, you can DM me for help.

Best practices

As usual practice good opsec. Only give out information you're absolutely sure wont compromise you. Giving away your region might be fine for one person but lethal for another. But don't let fear prevent you from connecting with folx!

And as always read desert



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gaffen wrote

I still havent read Desert

I'm a Bad Anarchist(TM) :((


plast OP wrote

The council would like a word Gaffen


Splinglebot wrote (edited )

yes. you're cancelled

you're not allowed to be an anarchist anymore, your ideology card is being revoked by the anarchist central authority.


gaffen wrote

Damn, I only just got it in the post as well


L0rdEMPRESS_GaLaXyBrAiN wrote

All you need to know is that climate change cannot be stopped and the collapse of the world might actually be a good thing. But don't bet on it.


ziq wrote

How do you arrange meetups without advertising your location to everyone?


plast OP wrote

You dont. You just meetup and collab online. IRL of course is an option if you want. You should head to the channel later!