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ziq wrote

Well I met their one smug meme about prims with 10 smug memes about their awful bourgie politics, so I think they've realized they're beaten.

If they smugpost disinfo like that again, I'll give them 20 memes in response.


365degrees wrote

They weren't very good. Next time I'd recommend focusing on quality.


ziq wrote (edited )

...your meme was literally 'lol anarchists think too much, I just want free stuff'

and you followed it up with some grade A 'anarchists are too stupid and lazy to get a job, fucking layabouts" liberalism.

edit: seriously tho, since you finally bothered to post in this thread (because I did), how about an honest attempt at mediating with OP instead of just insulting me? Some kind of an attempt to rethink your verging-on-reactionary comments?


ConnieCommie wrote

"i cannot take having my views challenged"


GrimWillow OP wrote

Is that your interpretation of this? Spreading misinfo is not the same as challenging a point of view. If you aren't a troll, you're fucking clueless.


Pop wrote (edited )

red and blue types around here are notable for their lack of any genuine attempt to engage the critiques of the green / post-left stuff, unfortunately

I guess it's like trolling but it's more sincere
It would be nice if their critiques held kernels of truth instead of mostly just being straw man, or being outsider's misapprehensions taking it personally because of an investment in the form of oppression

which is not to say that other tendencies here don't do that

that said, while I don't think that meme is effective, it doesn't bother me much compared to other stuff I've seen posted by the blue/red types here


mouse wrote

i dont agree with primitivism either but i can at least consider it. I checked your post history and people are really not fans of you haha. are you even an anarchist? you seem like a right-libertarian type or something


bloodrose wrote

Why in the world are you commenting on a 7 month old thread, attacking a user who hasn't posted on the entire site in over 6 months? Raddle is not your place to get out your aggression, dude. Go to the bad place for that noise. You're literally just being aggressive at someone who will never hear you.