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Rum_Rabbit wrote

TW It's pretty obvious that you and your toxic privilege politics are the biggest remaining problem with this site. Admins are for eliminating spam and trolls, not for thought policing on good faith contributing users like dellitsni that are trying to bring something positive to the community here (ie konsent) for not towing the same ideological line as you do. As long as you can act like you're the moral leader of everyone on the site and that your politics, which you clearly get from the latest trends in bourgeois academia and the generic liberal sites that you constantly spam here, are an unquestionable truth from which any deviation or critique is OMG LITERALLY FASCISM!!1!!, this site will continue being a toxic shithole which serious leftists should avoid.


Dumai wrote

"latest trends in bourgeois academia"

my friend, you adhere to an ideology developed from british political economy and german idealist philosophy