[Mediation Policy] Only one person may mediate at a time

Submitted by leftous in mediation

We can't have mediation turn into a name and shame session. So I am adding a policy to this forum that only one user may engage a party to a conflict at a time.

If you see someone else is engaging to teach/mediate, please stay out of it. I hope implementing this socially will work, but there are other ways to limit it.

Feel free to veto this policy if you have a reason why.



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jadedctrl wrote

Support— that thread from the other day was an absolute train-wreck. We can do better than that. :/


Dumai wrote

if somebody spouts liberal nonsense about how we can't ~discriminate~ against the poor straights they should fully expect that kind of thread


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't really understand what you're proposing, so if you could elaborate that would be good.

I'm also now sure how having multiple people involved makes it a name and shame session. Or if you think that previous mediations have been name and shame sessions.

If someone is asking for mediation it may be because they need assistance getting ideas across, and the first person to start mediating isn't always going to be the best person for that. I'm also already aware of people who feel uncomfortable engaging further even as they are being oppressed.

My intuition is that whoever among us wants to participate should participate and should at all times be aware of the things already stated in the sidebar.


Dumai wrote (edited )

yeah this policy would seem to send the message that you should either deal with a problem without support or just not bother. and there are enough people who'd pick the latter option that i think this would result in many problems just not getting solved.