Blogspam, a problem that needs handling, or just wait it out?

Submitted by md_ in mediation (edited )

To quote myself from here:

Ok, I'm getting a bit annoyed that all the links I tried to follow on this post don't lead me to the projects' homepages, but instead to some person's blog posts, who also don't include links to the projects.

I don't know if they serve ads on that blog and that's way (NoJS ftw), but in any case: not cool.

I don't remember OCSMag being like this.

A lot of posts in the free software subreddits come from one user (/user/mofongo), and they link either OCSMag (and from there, link to, or directly to Often (but not always), even though they discuss software projects, they do not link to the project homepage, but to other posts in the same blog, making me feel like I'm on a hamster wheel. To me that's verging on bad-faith spamming.

Is the cop in my head taking over and I should just accept this is the price to pay for browsing only /new, or do you also see a need for policy on this?



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mofongo wrote

The blog and the site are unrelated to me. My reading and posting them is usually more spread out but I had several weeks without visiting either so I went a bit overboard.

I'll keep in mind this doesn't happen in the future.

Regarding the sites not posting a link to the original projects, I have not notice that as I don't usually follow links. If I post anything from them, I'll make sure to include a link to the projects website or GitHub in the comments section.


md_ OP wrote

To be clear, my reaction wasn't to the amount of posts from the same source, but to the way that they went out of their way to avoid linking to the projects they mention, to prevent the reader from leaving their website, to the expense of the reader finding out more/downloading the project they are reviewing. And that's absolutely bizarre, because I checked with javascript on, and they don't even run ads, so I can't imagine what their motivation is!

But I think I over-reacted, because I was frustrated after going 6 clicks deep into the blog and still not getting a link to MX Linux to download the iso.


jadedctrl wrote

To /u/mofongo: The links to dedoimedo are relevant, but posting a ton of them in a 24-hour span (11, yesterday!) really hurts resource-diversity.
One or two is fine, but it should really be limited to new posts from dedoimedo ("Oh, a new post was just put up! Guess I'll put it on raddle").


mofongo wrote

That's usually my MO but I had not visited them in quite a while and got carried away.