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Random_Revolutionary wrote

The power relation between cishet and lgbtq people is so one-sided that the words mocking one or the other do not have the same weight at all.

It's like the white genocide jokes that got lwse banned from reddit. Or the cannibalism jokes that pop up in /f/eattherich. Or even all the vegan jokes about carnists. They have next to no power backing them up and are thus unable to cause harm, even if technically discrimination.

Once the power relations are more equal, we will need to question those jokes. Unfortunately, it isn't the case outside of raddle and other communities.

Also it's a way to vent that doesn't harm anyone but conservative ego.


dele_ted wrote (edited )

I get what you're saying, and i think you're absolutely right, but i also think that the idea that this battle is somehow between cishet- and LGBTQ-people is very wrong, and will lead nowhere. This battle is between those that oppress and discriminate, and those that fight back against oppression and discrimination. The end goal is to get rid of discrimination, and discriminating will not help to achieve that goal!

TL;DR: Don't make this a battle between straight and LGBTQ. Just stop discriminating against either.


Dumai wrote (edited )

why are you demarcating between cis and LGBT? i'm cis and i fall pretty squarely in the B. and there are plenty of straight trans people. the word you are looking for is cishet.

but if your point is "HATE BREEDS HATE" then i really hoped nobody here would fall for that kind of liberal nonsense, but in either case there's a difference between hate and silly jokes about straight people being boring


dele_ted wrote

My mistake, sorry. I meant cishet. Edited.

My point is not hate breeds hate at all. I have plenty of hate for those that deserve to be hated. My point is (I'm repeating myself, but it's obviously necessary since people keep putting words in my mouth), if you want to fight against discrimination, don't discriminate. It's really as simple as that. Belsima explained it pretty well too.