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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Ok, I've had a look at it again. There's one sentence that can be seen as criticising straight people, and it's not even generalising all straight people, and it's talking about their flag design [which I imagine was an intentionally boring choice on the part of the designers]...

Straight Pride is seemingly as beige as most straight people’s personalities,’ Danny, a Twitter user said.

Did I miss anything else? Why on earth would anybody rush to the defense of straight people in this situation? I genuinely can't see anything other than queerphobia. There is nothing wrong with what was said in the article.

And so, on top of what emma has said re "straight pride" being a garbage idea, heteronormativity does work hard to create boring square life and works hard to crush different kinds of lives.

Yeah, I'm confused as fuck at pretty much everybody's responses here. Please help me understand.


emma wrote

I think maybe /u/dellitsni intended to reply to /u/selver's comment, but accidentally made a top-level reply instead.


selver wrote (edited )

I think they just saw my comment + the article and assumed everyone here must be cool with making fun of straight people. More replying to the overall theme there than my comment specifically.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

The flag is overwhelmingly bland though. If /u/dellitsni is going to tell someone to fuck off for that then nothing has changed for me. I don't get it.


emma wrote (edited )

I believe (as OP probably did too) that /u/selver was alluding to the 'straightness = bland' thing with their comment when they said called the straight pride flag 'hilariously bland'. But what do I know? They'll have to chime in to clear this up.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

My mind is blown by how people are defending this;

"Saying all straight people is bland and boring is just as inconsiderate and generalizing as saying that all gay people are annoying"

It's not comparable (as you noted), and queers can take the piss out of straights for heteronormativity whenever they like. Pointing out the irony of having a bland flag when your heteronormativity sets out to crush anything but homogenous white picket fence straightness seems to me a complete non-issue.

"I'm tired to the bone of seeing people discriminate against any sexuality, and i see no justification for calling heterosexuals in general boring and bland"

This is that same stuff here in the apology. Kicking up a fuss to nitpick about nonsystemic issues when the original point is about systemic issues is oppressive.

What am I not understanding? This is open and shut for me.


____deleted____ wrote

just as inconsiderate and generalizing

Objectively, it is just as generalizing. I would say it is just as inconsiderate. They do not carry the same weight. They are not equivalent. I do not think that insulting anyone based on things outside of their control is okay, however, even if they are not nearly equivalent in power dynamics and society.