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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I should probably add also that although I differ in opinion here to u/Hal I don't expect to be a perfect mod and there may well be times that I or other moderators get things wrong. I'm sure there's lots for me and other mods on f/trans to learn about being good curators of the space. I'm not sure yet what kind of activities make for a good or bad moderator, and it may be that many more of us are unfit to be mods if u/Hal is.

As things stand we're still a small enough community that we're able to manage individual problems as they arise, and would be able to work things out with a troublesome mod. I think there's the very important task of being serious about providing the best possible space for trans people, while recognising that we're human and trying to do this in good faith when we take on mod work.

So a meaningful part of this discussion would be asking what makes someone a good mod and what we expect of mods.


glitter_v0id OP wrote

this is a really good point, and I'm going to have to think about it before giving a real response.

and probably cool off some, still.