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n_n OP wrote (edited )

It's adequate, the struggle session that is happening in other part of Raddle is not adequate. Ziq made a post about the actions that admins should take to tackle toxicity, then when I was providing context to them to resolve a conflict that was happening people start attacking me. People that were on their side and as far as I know they didn't do nothing about them. I don't see other admins doing that so that's why I called Ziq. That's why I picked Ziq to mediate, why people are downvoitng all my posts and publicly shaming there? I thought that they were against people doing that.

for no clear reason

Their responded my comment by trying to defend the petite bourgeoisie in an anticapital forum. Defend the bourgeois is being liberal in my eyes. You my digress but I have enough reasons to be against them and to be rude to people that defend them.

All this doesn't explain why they used the self employees in that way (their ending comment) only to hurt me.