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celebratedrecluse wrote

Look i don't know the specific context but I think your asking of admins to do eveeeeen mooooore for this extremely demanding site is lacking in self awareness. If you're upset with an online interaction, I really think it's best to log off-- I've had to do that before around here from specific harassment, I'm a pretty sensitive person and it does get to me so that's how I deal with it.

As much as you might be wounded by the problematic language, complaining that it isn't being removed fast enough is entitled and annoying-- it's not like these admins or mods are getting paid to make sure all the content is up to standard, this is an entirely volunteer based endeavor. Regardless, if there's an issue, I have a lot of faith that some of the other admins will address it and remove the content from the website now that it's reported. It's not all up to ziq.


n_n OP wrote (edited )

i don't know the specific context

Thanks for the response but I think that you need to know the context here to help in solve the issue, if not your comments will make more harm than good. I will keep it constructive and there is no hurry. We can take our time if needed.

complaining that it isn't being removed fast enough is entitled and annoying

That's what I was talking about knowing the context. I'm not complaining on the timing. They already said that they will not take action and the explanation was that it was because it was not worthy of a ban. You really need to know the context to know what I'm talking about here. I never asked for people to be banned. So the problem is that they refuse to do something because they work in binary, do nothing or ban people. We agree that is not ban worthy, but saying that they won't do nothing keeps the conflicts going as they were going until now. If they don't have time then they should just say "at the moment I don't have time, I will see what I can do later", I can wait so the timing is not a problem.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Ok, does another admin want to take action then?


n_n OP wrote

No idea, other admins didn't engage in the discussion.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Right, i know i replied to your comment but i was intend to help you draw them into this discussion, so that we can have a community conversation y response. And so the mediation has the best opportunity to succeed

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