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lettuceLeafer wrote

I was planning on writting that the importance of profiting from youtube is almost exclusivly on the bussiness model. But u seem to get that.

Tho the actual problem is u have the right idea but it failed to execute properly so u need to change and adapt bc your plan failed at step one. The random anarchist content isn't getting views. You build traffic by getting new users to watch and then u get frequent users which then a small portion of that becomes paying customers. So your money is capped on how many potential payers there are and how fast you can get those payers.

But atm you don't have acess to reddit or twitter to promote and the only videos you are promoting are the ones you think they will not like "your essays". And looking at the viewcounts youtube isn't promoting it. So these documentaries aren't driving traffic whatsoever which is the entire point.

Honestly if you wanna do the documentary thing you gotta edit them so they will drive traffic bc being recomended on youtube or you find a social media site that you will get lots of traffic from and honestly in my experience reddit and twitter drive some viewers but like in the 100s usually. Tiktok is king but you don't really want tiktokers so youtube recomendation is best bet.

Basically u have the right idea but its never gonna work bc those documentaries aren't driving traffic and you want a lot of traffic. If a video isn't even getting 500 views there is no point in uploading it. You'll know u have a good strategy if with a month of upploading you are getting at least 50k views on a video. and generally are getting more and more recomended. But atm youtube has decided no one wants to watch your videos and wont' recomend it. So your plan failed and you need to change your strategy. I think 2-6 is a decent idea but 1 is just not thought out and that is the most important part.


ziq wrote (edited )

Obviously I'm not able to compete with Vaush and Baker, I'm not selling feel-good lies to faithful church goers who want to believe. But I'm providing a radical alternative the same way I did with raddle: posting lots of leftist shit mixed in with radical theory


ziq wrote

  1. Add subscribers using random anarchist-ish content that appeals to a broad socialist/anarchist audience

  2. Slowly push OC to those subscribers by mixing it in with the documentaries and interviews

  3. Get those subscribers interested in reading my other essays and maybe sub to my patreon, and also reading other anti-left, anti-civ stuff the channel will push.

  4. Get more people registered on raddle by showing them something more radical than the breadtube content they normally consume

  5. Develop an anti-breadtube with anarchist theory instead of chomskyist theory

  6. Once the subscriber numbers are self-sustaining, delete all the shit and just deliver OC.


lettuceLeafer wrote

  1. is part of the issue.

  2. while I do think that is my major criticism of your essays and thoughts in general I think overall as a whole your essays are pretty great. Honestly if I had to write a top ten list of my favorite anarchist written works you would have at least two essays being in the top ten. Bc I think your writing style is great at getting to the point in a easy to understand and concise way without missing a lot of important nuance. The ones I have read are always a pretty enjoyable experience without the slog of many other denser anarchist texts.

I actually think what tuesday is doing is actually pretty damn smart. For music videos the initial watch is allmost allways more popular for music videos while secondary watches are often lyrics or whatever. So I think the adding a video to the audio reading of your essays is a great way to massively increase readership. Because most internet usuers ofter are from the 1rst world massively and most of them hate reading and zone out if you don't distract them with pretty colors. Myself included tho I'm not quite that bad.

Tho in fairness I havn't watched one fully bc I find your essays easy enough to read Id rather just read it.

But I think the big criticism I have is like the youtube chanell doesn't have the main appeal of youtube videos. A parasocial figure. The whole youtube channel would honestly be better just as a list of anarchist videos with links to it. The videos added makes it hard to even notice the unique content which is smart from just random shit slapped onto the page.

I think if you made a channell where it had videos on issues or theory through the perspective of ziq that could be pretty cool. But in its present state I think it would be better as a wiki entry with links to youtube videos than a youtube channel. Which is quite odd since it seems your whole point was to make money like voe baker but you just don't even do anything to attract that audience with a competing product really.

Plus it seems the channell is based on like neoliberal NGOs grift to make money. Which I'm not critiquing in a moral sense bc it would be weird for me to critique u in that regard I will stoop incredibly low to make money. Because of that its not interesting in structure either. So if I wanna watch video of a neoliberal grifter I would just watch contrapoints and not watch ur vids which have no personality. ANd by neoliberal grifter I do mean the main appeal to the channel is u owning the intellectual property of the essays and then tuesday seems to do most of the work in making the youtube video while the only one who u try to convince to make money of of it is yourself.

And like I said not a moral issue as tuesday can do whatever they want and its not like ur making money off the channel anyway and prob wont. But like thats what the voice and personality comes off from the channel a neoliberal grifter with a anarchist aestetic which isn't impressive. And I know ur not a noeliberal but the ideology behind the business structure is neoliberal. Which is fine but not interesting as I can't even see it going in an interesting direction with such a shoddy foundation.