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bloodrose wrote

Every time you mention donations, I try to give you a few bucks but both the site and paypal bitch about it. Then I forget to complain to you about it and the cycle repeats. Let me know if you get something up. I wanna help with costs a bit.


OldHippieChick wrote

Everything is. I don't think it's human beings that have made the internet such an unfriendly place all of a sudden (to my mid-50s self).

I just left a much less chill flounce on a dog forum last night and it wasn't anywhere near as fun as getting banned from the long hair community for an admittedly not-very-wise political post.

Take care and enjoy your vacation. I take many, even from Raddle.


MichaelPemulis wrote (edited )

Goddamn, this is making me realize how absolutely shit I am at wget/httptrack/basic IT skills. How does one get wget to recursively scan through each "[id]=" URL? Or "*"... I seem to be able to superficially grab images from the first page of "memer" but I'm struggling with wildcarding the URL to grab every page. Sigh...

current attempt is "wget -nd -nc -r -l3 -e robots=off -A jpg,jpeg,png,gif,bmp --wait 1 -H[id]=*"


celebratedrecluse wrote

Hey, btw is there a link to the code in postmill which relates to this update? I was wondering if it would be possible to expand the feature to also allow audio files to be uploaded, but I want to take a look myself and contribute if i am able.


n_n wrote (edited )

a British dictionary

? I also linked the Merriam–Webster and the Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

The Oxford dictionary gives examples with dates.

That source doesn't even have a definition.

It's for etymologies, the year of origin, 1961, is the same that the others.

The Collins dictionary uses foolish:

Stuart Berg Flexner states: "Then in the 1870s, such terms as 'to fall in the shit' (to get in trouble) and the exclamation 'shit and corruption!' were recorded. Also in wide use between the 1870s and the 1890s were such seemingly modern terms as 'shit' and 'bullshit' meaning 'nonsense, rubbish, lies' (chicken shit' and 'horse shit' were recorded in the 1930s); 'the shits,'' diarrhea' ' hit pot' and 'shit face,' both referring to a contemptible person (followed by 'shit head' around 1915); 'to shit on someone,' to treat someone badly; and 'to beat the shit out of' someone.'s+h+i+t+head'+around+1915)&focus=searchwithinvolume&q=shithead

to justify continuing to use an ableist slur

When I justified the use of any ableist slur?

after attacking someone for using another ableist slur

Which ableist slur? In what moment I attacked someone here for using an ableist slur?

reject all other sources

I didn't reject any source and I said if that word is a problem suggest another one. What I researched didn't point that and still any sources that have been presented gave me a better background of the word that those that I gave.


Dumai OP wrote (edited )

okay so a lot of anti-civ types (primarily extremely online anarcho-primitivists) have this idea that the abolition of civilization (which for them is inseperable from the abolition of "technology", a term they often define very hazily and distinguish from "tools" in a kind of surface-level way that doesn't actually make any sense) entails a return to a pre-alienated, radically liberated primitive way of life -- if you're familiar with the "noble savage" stereotype then i can tell you it's quite similar, and equally mired in colonial ideology. it depends on objectifying non-urban societies as ahistorical, unchanging and untouched by the corruptive influence of the "unnatural"! which really elides how dynamic and varied "tribal" societies are, and means conflating cultures that have absolutely nothing to do with other into some kind of pre-civilisational model of "tribal society". it's kinda textbook racism.

and really it's this construction of the "primitive" that is at the crux of most primitivist arguments to "go back to the pleistocene", which, if you ask most people who are aware of anti-civ anarchism as a current, are foundational to anarcho-primitivism. this genuinely used to baffle me! because it definitely wasn't something you could find in most of the early fifth estate stuff i was reading at the time, much of which i disagreed with, but was often specifically defined in opposition to any ill-conceived utopian desire to revert to the stone age (some of the earliest primitivists at fifth estate actually anticipated critics would mischaracterise them this way). as i've since found out, the reason primitivism earned that reputation is mostly zerzan's fault! (the unabomber too, obviously, though the identification of kaczynski with anarchism has always been dubious and he's since explicitly disavowed any connection to anarcho-primitivism, which zerzan must be very bitter about, lol). so i've made peace with many of the critics of primitivism i used to argue against on the basis that the absolute worst primitivist "theorist" somehow ended up the most influential

so certainly don't think every primitivist thinks this way -- the other reason i was confused so many people conflated primitivism with some fetishistic idealisation of pre-argicultural societies is because most of the primitivists i've known irl have been disabled, or transgender, or otherwise depended on technology in some way, and they certainly weren't arguing for the abolition of their own lives. some others have also recognised the issue with the reifying the "primitive" and "natural" -- john moore of the fifth estate noticed it, but he died before much really came of that line of critique. but if you want to know why anarcho-primitivist spaces, particularly online, are full of shitty middle class white guys with borderline eugenicist fantasies, well... the people to blame have names and addresses, lol