Bans in /f/lobby

Username Reason Banned Expires
CrackedEgg troll Never
Puffballsarefree Deliberate ableism Never
jt9770704 spaaaaam Never
IrkutVladimir spam Never
Hwoarang Spamming the site with pagan stuff Never
x214 spam Never
houysjii3 spam, pedo Never
Ajagapmpjdpp ban evasion Never
!deleted49322 Apologizin for military brutality Never
!deleted48437 ban evasion Never
AnusPounder Troll Never
CryptoLiferYoutube Troll Never
prisondude troll Never
tsticker all the reasons Never
ilyes_t sock-puppet Never
Tipofthespear spam Never
!deleted39271 Troll Never
DumbCommieFagNegroCuck Troll Never
FartingNegroFagotSimp Troll Never
HexBear Spam Never
Doslkn Spam Never
!deleted38023 fash Never
ratstork Troll Never
CNT_FAI_Jonathan Zoe Baker sp(t)am Never
Houseofdocuments STAP SPAMMING Never