On raddle.me, I'm just a lurker

Submitted by subrosa in lobby

I don't like reddit as a site, it's a for-profit social media thing with google and amazon trackers, it's buggy and unpredictable, and full of people spouting basically hate speech, calling it 'opinion'.

I like raddle.me, it's full of cool people, and the site just works.

The reason I still spend much more time on reddit is because I feel like I have an influence on what information people consume, influence on the culture reddit creates, and I can guide people to a better understanding of the few things that I understand.

Here on the other hand, I feel I'm not participating in the greater public discourse, I'm not guiding anyone to anything. If anything, I read and learn stuff from the links you post. It takes more effort, and it takes a while to digest new information.

Not sure where I'm going with this. Just some thoughts and a 'hi' from a lurker.



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f064fb5ddb9041bc8a4cb0024 wrote

I get your feeling, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the information some users here post., not that it is an issue, it's just that I'm too dumb. Also I have problems transmitting my ideas. Hello.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Looks like you can influence the culture around here too.

I'm lucky in that I participate in a lot of different parts of the anarchist internet. I think that raddle and its users actually do influence the greater public discourse, because I've seen the ways that conversations have changed and grown elsewhere because of what we do here.

Just yesterday I was contacted by a giant federation of anarchists in relation to one of my projects, and they only would have found out about it because of the way that I use the internet in relation to raddle.
So that's great. I'm gonna let them know where they can send their reparations money :)

I also have come to have a pretty in-depth sense of what the anglophone anarchist internet is like, where people operate, who they work with, who are the people behind the pretty texts!

I see ziq's original work doing the rounds on facebook and talked about pretty often.

And some of the critiques that we get from different parts of the world, because we have consistent users that we can recognise, are super helpful in enriching the space, where on reddit, heterodox views will just get kneejerk downvotes until they're invisible.

Raddle could do better with its responses to people who have authoritarian positions but have the potential to do better. I don't think that dogpiling users is useful. We're working on that.
I've been trapped on reddit the last couple days because I've been having a rough time, and it feels so much easier to be completely buried in a whole lot of stuff. You can write a good, thoughtful response to someone on a post that is a couple days old and nobody will even read it because it's too far down the page.

Anyway, I don't know what your views are, but feel welcome to post a little more. Just one thoughtful post/comment daily or even weekly would affect the site and people's experience here.


toocats wrote


Eh, don't feel bad for lurking. I mostly have an account just to upvote things I like and to be able to subscribe to subs. I tend to keep thoughts and opinions to myself because I worry about saying something stupid. I made a really hot take with my last account, got embarrassed by the comments and downvotes, and deleted my account. I realized that it's best if I do more listening than talking and stay in my lane.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Thanks for being part of the community here, almost if not all posters were one-time lurkers at one point


Spinfuga wrote

Well, thanks for sharing your thoughts as someone who browses the site. It's good to have other opinions here. We can never have enough. The site isn't to abundant in people using it so the more, the better, across the board. Once we're just swimming in conversations without end, things will be good. lol I don't know that there are exact figures to it. If we just get more people it will be better. I wouldn't say there's an exact measurement in place here. More is the positive change. Certainly there's some number that would be great for the site. I wouldn't say it's beyond the zone of something that can be measured to see if the site is in a good state or not, or just a sustainable state. We'll see over time what happens with activity. If we work together to make a good community, things will be good. Visible number counts will show what is taking place. I think it's solid that the site maintains activity level at a certain amount. It fills me with great elation that things are coming along. lol What do other people think? Are the measurable numbers here a good indicator of site health overall? Are there things I haven't brought up that have impact here? Based.


Splinglebot wrote

honest question: how is it possible to write so much while saying so little?