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Anarchox OP wrote

Now I'd wish to quote the person who inspired this post:

DarkArmillary wrote about 2 hours ago

trolls degrade the quality of discourse in this entire space. Anarchism is not your personal social club for you to be snarky and get pats on the back from your buddies and some regular clique. I've seen it play out time and time again. It's fucking annoying. People like you give me less hope for Anarchism, as a movement.


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Larde wrote

Hope is what inspires us to change the world!


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DarkArmillary wrote

Thank you comrade, for calling attention to the same type of toxic dynamics I've encountered in radical spaces time and time again. It never goes over well when I bring it up. I would hope that some post-lefties could recognize the detrimental effects of Ideology.

We (well, society) needs to develop a more sincere "metamodern" way of thinking and relating to one another.


Sadanarxhist wrote

It's almost like you know you're a TERF but blame everyone else for it.


Sadanarxhist wrote

Metamodernism. Reactionary confirmed.


DarkArmillary wrote

I'm thinking you should do a little research about both those terms, "metamodern" and "reactionary." We live in reactionary times. Don't go labeling people reactionaries for no good reason. That's essentially snitchjacketing as the intent is to cause hostility between activists. Bad praxis.

"The Problem With Irony:"


Sadanarxhist wrote (edited )

But you're a TERF. The R actually stands for reactionary. I'm pretty sure you'd snitch too.


DarkArmillary wrote

Oh I see, you must be confused about a lot of terms. That 'R' stands for 'Radical.' Disagree with it or not, that's what it stands for. I'm sure you could find a wiki article or a list of defined terms to help you. Good luck in your future education endeavors.


ziq wrote

So you openly accept the TERF label?