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elchololoco wrote (edited )

Just so. The right to bear arms is not a liberal or conservative idea, it is a libertarian idea, and statist assholes from both Red and Blue teams get it wrong.

Red Team assholes forget that the 2nd Amendment recognizes an individual right. This means that people they don't like (Blacks, Latinos, dissidents) get to bear arms too. Red Team assholes would prefer that the right, like all others, be limited to rich white men.

Blue Team assholes trust the government to protect them, so they think nothing of giving up the right. They cannot imagine, in the postracial, inclusive society that exists in their heads today, that violence might ever be necessary.

MLK was only able to do what he did because of the Black Panthers lurking in the background. There was an unspoken threat in his words: "Either you treat with me, or you deal with these n***z." Of course, he was eventually murdered by the Enemy, but you can see where I'm going with this.

Nonviolence only works when it is backed up with some cognizable threat of violence. I'm not saying violence is always justified, but the threat has to exist, because we observe that the Enemy will not listen to words alone. We have tried words, and they have been ineffective.